Making GTD Hero Work For You

These instructions are built out from my personal notes on using GTDHero; the strength of this productivity system stems from it’s flexibility to adapt, but it’s efficacy hinges on your ability to exploit this feature to your advantage.

Here’s an overview GTDHero, and how I use it.

The Inbox Stack

.Inbox (Unsorted)

This is the default Notebook; it is the entry point for GTDHero.
Aside from the standard Apps, you could have colleagues send you tasks/material via your Evernote email address, use your WebClipper, use Clearly, or use the Outlook Add-in.

You may even find a use for IFTTT to let you know of updated/new files on Dropbox.

Notes should be tagged BEFORE being moved out of this folder in to their respective folder, or being added into a Project Folder of their own.

.Inbox (Done/2 Minute Rule)

This folder is a “trigger” to remind you of “The 2 Minute Rule” – It should always be kept at Zero.

You may wish to extend the rule to a 3 or 5 minute rule, allowing yourself to smash-out a volley of quick GTD-Wins. Again, adapt the system to suit your needs.

.Inbox (Deferred / Planning)

Items should already be tagged with their priority before being put into this folder.

Mostly for changing notes into Projects, this is effectively your incubator; items rest here till your pre-determined time to work on them, where you will begin assigning Actions, etc.

The Projects Stack

  • Every Project Notebook should be a Specific Project with it’s own Goal/Outcome
  • Every Project Notebook should require an Action to be taken towards the Goal/Outcome
  • Make the Goal/Outcome the Notebook Title, or create a “Project Goal/Outcome” Note in the Project Title.
  • Every Note that requires an action should be tagged with a “.When” tag, such as “1-Now”.
  • You may wish to consider consolidating the Goal/Outcome and Actions into a Single “Project Overview” note within the Project Notebook.

The Reference / Collections Stack

  • Each Notebook should be a collections of notes on a topic
  • Notes in the Reference / Collections Notebook Stack should not require an action.

The Supporting Material / Research Stack

  • Use it for Scientific Publications, Web Clips, etc
  • If you’ve got links, process them via Clearly or the Evernote WebClipper.
  • Each Notebook should be a topic.
  • If you have many Similar Topics:
    • Consider using Notebooks as a broad category, and use Tags to narrow down the note into their specific topics; or
    • Consider creating your own Notebook naming system such as “[Science] Astronomy”.

What now? Getting Started with GTDHero!